Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is hardscape?
A:   Hardscape is the structure that supports and defines your landscaping. For instance: walls, walkways, curbs and driveways.

Q:   What then is softscape?
A:   Your sprinkler system, lawn, plants, drain systems and lighting.

Q:  How do I know if the landscaper I am talking to is Licensed and in good standing with the proper contractors board?
A:  You can verify the current licensing and standing of any contractor by visiting the State Contractors Board web site at: http://www. In the middle of the screen go to, "check the status" and enter the Lic. of the contractor in question.  ALWAYS TAKE THIS PRECAUTIONARY STEP TO INSURE THAT YOU ARE HIRING A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. Our license # is 529131.

Q:  Will the landscaper have creative ideas if I know I want change, but do not have the vision for it?
A:  Yes.  A well seasoned, professional landscaper will be able to help you form a vision and then work with you to bring that to reality.

Q:  How much input does a professional landscaper need from me?
A:   They will need to know if you have a theme or concept that you want them to accomplish.  At some point they will need to know your budget in order to propose the materials and substitutes best suited to stay within your budget.  After that it is their job to get you off to the right start and a finished project that will give you years of satisfaction.

Q:  How do I know what to give my landscaper as a budget?
A:  Know before you start how much you want your final investment to be.  Then subtract 10-15% to give yourself a little cushion for the things that will come up as you get into your project.  We find that customers often get excited as they see development take place, causing them to add to the project as it goes.

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